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Our website has been renewed. You change, we change. The only thing that will not change is the care and attention we pay to your stay with us.


Zeeland is a paradise for everyone who loves pure enjoyment. With its clean beaches, unique landscape and wildlife, fascinating historic buildings, salty bliss and endless water sports options on, in and under water, Zeeland guarantees a wonderful holiday for everyone. For the sun lover, the culture lover, the water sports enthusiast, the nature lover, the connoisseur.
Relax, experience and enjoy.


Enjoy quality time with your partner, your family or with friends. It’s all possible at Resort de Vlasschure. We offer a full range of accommodations. From holiday homes to group accommodation, and from B&B to luxury apartments. We also provide excellent facilities, such as free Wi-Fi, a bed-making service, bath towels & kitchen linens. Our spacious garden with several terraces is a wonderful place to unwind, at any time of day. Can you picture yourself here?

One of our guests...
T. Stemper

Einfach schönes, freundliches, unkompliziertes Haus!! Wir machen schon seit Jahren Auenthalt in Valsschure, wir werden immer wieder freundlich und unkompliziert aufgenommen, einfach relax!!

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